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My Runebender Light Theme

December 6, 2020

I have my own personal light theme for Runebender in a Git branch here. This theme is based on a UI mockup I made in Figma. It was designed for Twitch streaming and making video content, so everything is a bit bigger than it would normally be in most other desktop font editing applications. See the theme in use and build instructions below.

screenshot of eli's theme on mac

To use Runebender with this theme, open a UN*X shell (Mac, Linux, Windows(WSL)), and clone my fork:

git clone https://github.com/eliheuer/runebender.git

Move into the root Runebender directory.

cd runebender

Use Git to checkout the branch containing my theme.

git checkout elihs-theme

Run the program.

cargo run

You can also load a UFO (Unified Font Object) from the command line if you need something to look at.

cargo run -- ~/Fonts/repos/baby-shark/sources/baby-shark.ufo

If you have any issues, technical questions, or thoughts on this post, please make an issue on this blogs GitHub issue tracker.

screenshot of eli's theme on linux